Amazing Earth Facts

We may be living in different continents, countries and cities but there is one common factor which unites the entire human race. We are all residents of the earth. When talking about the earth there are known facts which we all learn in school or at home. These include the fact that the earth is third in the solar system, the number of continents that make up the earth, the sun the moon and the stars. However, there are mind-blowing facts which one may not know unless they studied geography or geology and majored in the same as subject. Here are some of the amazing facts about our planet earth, some of which are fun as well ass shocking.

Perhaps the most basic amazing fact about our earth is that it is the only one which has free oxygen. Scientists may be hopeful about some other planets matching up to earth but this one amazing fact makes it stand out. This means that the earth is so far the only planet that supports life. It is also the only planet that has its ocean covered with water-liquid water.

Most people still have the misconception that Earth is perfect sphere. It is not! Earth actually has a bulge made up of water masses. These masses are pushed by gravity which acts especially at the equator. There are also centrifugal forces which push outwards and are not opposed by gravity. The imbalance caused by gravity and centrifugal force happen to be strongest t the equator hence the bulge at that point. While on this interesting fact, how about we look at the earth’s region with the lowest gravity! The Hudson Bay located in Canada is on of such regions. Melted ice is to blame for the imbalance, this tells you how important safeguarding against climate change is crucial.

While still on the equator, the earth’s ‘waistline’, one amazing fact is that it measures 40 075 kilometers. This also happens to be the circumference of the earth.

Another amazing fact about the earth is that it is always on the move! You may think and feel like you are seated or standing but in actual sense, you are also moving and at a very fast pace. This speed could be as fast as 1000 miles every hour. Those at the equator move faster than at the tropics. Actually, someone would be still at the poles. Also amazing, is the fact that not only is the earth on a daily spin, it also goes round the sun at 107 826 kilometers per hour. Now that is speed!

One fact that people always overlook is that the Mother Earth is an old soul. However, no one ever lets her age really sink in. Research shows that the earth could be 4.54 billion years old! The research was done using some of the earths oldest rocks as well as meteorites.

It would be insufficient to give facts about Earth without mentioning some of its highest point. Mount Everest takes the prize for the highest mountain on earth with a summit higher than all the other mountains of the earth. The lowest point, which is also the deepest spot on earth, is in the Mariana Trench. This is 35,813 feet on the ocean floor and below seal level. Bentley Subglacial Trench, in Antarctica is the lowest point on earth which is not covered by water (ocean) but ice. On land, the lowest point is the Dead Sea.

It is common to take some things for granted but this will sweep you off your feet, literally. What would be your reaction if someone told you that the ground on which you stand is constantly on a recycling project? This is exactly what happens to the ground we walk on. The rock cycle of the earth usually transforms from igneous rocks to sedimentary one and finally to metamorphic rocks. This four-cycle usually repeats itself all the time.

You thought only human beings get stressed? Here is another amazing fact yet. The earth gets stressed and that is why we experience things like quakes and tremors. This is not the amazing detail, though. The earth’s moon also gets stressed and this is evidenced by moonquakes! Though they are not as common as earthquakes, they do occur midway between its center and the lunar surface especially due to tidal stresses.

Have you ever imagined that the earth could have a hot spot? Well, there is one and it is in Africa! Libya is the hottest point on the earth, at a place called El Azizia. Records from weather stations give the number as 136 degrees! On the other hand, the earth’s coldest spot is in Antarctica. The lowest temperature at the place stands at -100 degrees. Chillingly unbelievable!

Coral reefs are some of Earth’s pride factors. These reefs support a large percentage of the earth’s ecosystem and species. The mind-blowing fact about Earth’s coral reefs is that they are living and are the largest. Actually, some of these reefs can be seen from space.

The earth has a lot going on and this brings us to this planet’s fierce side. It is electric! The earth’s lightening and thunder are evidence of this. Lighting is dangerous and for a reason. It can heat the air to up to 30 000 degrees. The loud booming sound of thunder is due to the expansion of air hence creating a shock wave and deafening sound.

The earth’s driest spot is the Atacama desert in Chile and Peru. Earth also happens to be mother to the smallest mammal, the Kitti’s bat found in Asia.

The earth is a rich planet. Actually, every individual on earth would have about 9 pounds of gold to themselves if all of it were to be extracted from the sea floor. However, there are no efficient techniques of doing this yet. the earth is also mother to tons of valuable metals such as diamonds, copper and tungsten. Oil is also one such precious commodity.

With all these amazing facts about our planet, appreciating its uniqueness and conserving its wealth is the wisest thing to do. It is the only Earth anyway!

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