Facts About Uranus (And No, That’s Not a Joke)

The planet Uranus. Yes, we all know the joke, and a lot of people already think it’s getting too old. We, however, believe that Uranus is a fun planet with plenty of great content and deeper meanings, which is why we are devoted to giving you as many Uranus facts as possible. So get ready for plenty of innuendo’s and double entendres.



An actual picture of Uranus



Basic Uranus Facts
Jokes aside, the basic facts about Uranus that every school kid should know is that it’s the seventh planet of the solar system and plenty of rock and ice inside its core. In terms of size, Uranus has a radius of around 25,362 km, making it one of the largest heavenly bodies visible on the night sky. Aside from these facts as well as its overused name, Uranus is more or less an ordinary gas giant with plenty of powerful gas.

Uranus Was The First Planet Discovered By Scientists
Uranus was the very first planet discovered using the telescope, and all the scientists were pleased by what they found. This momentous event occurred in 1690, and the man who did it was one John Flamsteed, who thought it was a star. It wasn’t until Sir William Herschel made, however, that Uranus was revealed to be what it really was„ a planet that will ultimately inspire a lot of people to make crude jokes about various body parts. Although Herschel wanted to name the planet after King George III, the scientific community persuaded him to change the name into Uranus, thus ensuring future generations the opportunity to crack easy jokes at the expense of astronomy.

Uranus Has A Strange Atmosphere
Clouds which are found on Uranus’ surface are often weird. Although some cloud formations only last for a few hours, some can last for several years. Also, like Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus has several bright regions, which indicate powerful gaseous activity. Astronomers who charted Uranus’ wind speeds have found out that they can go as fast as 250 m/s. Those are some very powerful gases.

Uranus Has Plenty Of Gas
Speaking of gas, Uranus is essentially a gas giant, and yes, that’s the formal term scientists use for planets composed largely of gas. This is particularly when we consider the fact that Uranus’ density is around 1.27 g/cm3, making it slightly less dense than water and the second least dense planet in the solar system.

All this gas has an interesting effect on Uranus’ gravity. Even though it’s roughly 15 times larger than Earth, Uranus only has 89% of our planet’s gravity.., thanks to all that gas. So aside from jokes involving certain parts of the human anatomy, we might as well add a few fart jokes as well.

Low Temperature
Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system and its solid core radiates very little radiation. For some strange reason, the planet releases less heat than it absorbs, making it relatively unique among the various planets in the solar system. So the next time, the heater breaks down during the cold seasons, just remember that you’re not the only one with a freezing bottom.

Uranus Has Several Moons
Uranus has 27 moons, and an imaginative person will be able to make of joke out of that simple fact somehow. These moons relatively small though, and if you were to add up all their total mass, their combined mass will only be equivalent to half the mass of Triton.




Uranus Facts



Higher Escape Velocity
Uranus has a relatively high escape velocity, which is about 21.3 km/s. In contrast, Earth’s escape velocity is 11.2 km/s, which means that expelling objects away from Uranus’ gravitational pull is a lot harder than Earth’s. This is a good thing because the planet Uranus is able to expel less gas into rest of the solar system.

You Can Easily See Uranus
It’s possible see Uranus without the use of a telescope. This is because the planet is large enough and bright enough to be picked up by the human eyes. Visibility, however, is only possible when you have a very dark night sky. You will also need to know where to look and what to look for. You may have to squint though, since the planet will seem very small.

So there you have it, the most gassy and interesting facts about Uranus.

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